Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Documented Life Project...week 4!

The challenge for this week at the Documented Life Project is to secret. Once you've finished writing, you cover it with paint, only leaving 1 word exposed. My exposed word: power!! So I guess that's my word for 2014. I sure could use it, so why not?
After covering my words with paint, I drew and stenciled on some flowers and dots and then colored them in with various markers.
What's your word for 2014???


  1. Great word ! My word for 2014 is 'enjoy'.
    I love the blue on your page. It's my favourite colour !
    Great page !
    Corrie x

  2. oh...your page is awesome! love it! i don't have a word really.

  3. Love the glimpse of writing behind that beuatiful blue.More power to you in 2014, Cathy.