Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Documented Life Project

When I first heard of the Documented Life Project (DLP), it appealed to me, but the level of involvement was a lot more than I wanted to commit to. I have a lot of art friends who are participating, so I couldn't avoid it. In other words, it kept calling my name.
And then it came to me, instead of trying to fit myself into the project, why not tweak the project to fit me?
That was all I needed. The fire was lit. The game was on. (oops...mixed metaphors? oh well, you get the gist!)
I decided that my approach would be to create each week's theme/challenge on a 4x6 card, which I'll eventually join together with these hoop thingys (please forgive the technical jargon), which will lastly be embellished with fibers and embellishments. But I am getting ahead of myself here.
At this point, I'm creating the 4x6 cards with the theme on 1 side, and then I'm just journaling and documenting the week on the reverse side. Should I ever need more space, no problem. There are plenty of tricks to make that happen!
So I need to just catch up. I'm not that far behind. The theme for week 3 was just announced, and I was able to create week 1 + 2 over the past weekend.

So week 1 you were supposed to create your front door. I was never sure if you were to try to replicate your real life front door, or just create a front door for your journal. I exercised (which is good, I need to exercise!) artistic license and just created a front door. Here it is, closed, and then open:

Week two's theme is to work with a selfie. As if! Here's my zettified (a term used in reference to an art form promoted by Teesha Moore) self(ie).

And there you go: My Documented Life so far this year!!


  1. I think it's great that you are fitting it to suit you. It's got to be both fun and manageable or it will fall by the wayside.

  2. Looks good so far. I'm sure you will have a lot of fun creating this.
    Corrie x