Friday, January 24, 2014

Bringing Words of Healing

So here was the plan. Each month I was going to pick a theme and then just go to town with it, creating as many variations of that theme as I could in/on as many different things that I could, i.e. painted canvases, mixed-media collages, journal pages, altered items, etc.
So my theme for December was angels. It seemed like it fit.
Well call me crazy, and I know some of you already do, but really, fitting in art time in December turned out to be near impossible. So here's what I accomplished: I started, but did not finish, 1 small canvas of an angel painting.
I finished it this month. And no...I didn't even choose a theme for January!!
So I ended up turning my angel into a bit of a mixed-media piece. I cut out a lot of tiny words from pages, and glued them into her halo. I then painted over them with a transparent metallic gold. The metallic gold is also combined with white for her wings.
But in the scan, the metallic gold doesn't look so metallic. So use your imagination. I think this canvas looks much better in real life.
I still don't know what to name the piece. It's sitting on my mantle, and it occurred to me that this angel is bringing words of healing. I like that. But it's not a very catchy title. Any ideas?