Friday, January 17, 2014

The Documented Life Project...Caught Up!

Today I completed the week three of the 2014 Documented Life Project, so tada, I'm caught up.
The challenge for this week was to use an envelope that you received in the mail.
Well, I had just the one. A while back my friend Roc Nicholas sent some mail art to me, and the envelope was delightfully decorated with one of her own rubber stamps--Roc's Angel. I adored the envelope and just had to hang onto it. I'm so glad I did, and I am really glad I'm able to incorporate and preserve it in this project.
Since the envelope was horizontal and my project is vertical, I actually had to deconstruct it to make it work. For the background, I used the inside of a card another art friend had sent to me. I liked the idea of making the page from the works and words of art friends. It just seems right!


  1. how awesome! love it. thanks for thinking enough of my art to reuse it!

  2. Excellent use of the mail art with the journal. All soo beautifully art related and personal.