Monday, January 13, 2014


Sometime in the middle of autumn, I started seeing elephants. No, not of the pink variety!! It just seemed that everytime I entered a web site, visited social media, picked up a magazine, etc., etc. I would see an elephant.
So as you can see, I felt divinely driven: I had to paint an elephant.
Well, just like the tree I featured a few posts ago, I normally don't paint animals. In fact, this is my first.
Once I painted it, I completed the journey by looking up the prophetic meaning of elephants:
Invincible. Thick-skinned. Not easily offended. Having powerful potential in life. Royalty. Enormous prosperity. Family oriented. Keen Memory.
Well, once I read that, I thought, everyone should have an elephant represented in their home. ...Maybe even one in every room!
I hope you like my elephant.  It's a 14x22 acrylic painting on canvas, titled Promised Provision.


  1. Oh Cathy, your elephant is amazing!

  2. Your elephant looks great !
    Corrie x

  3. Kathy, she is beautiful...thank you for mentioning this to me...

  4. I tried to reply to your comment, but it says "no-reply blogger" so I will say it here...will write the meaning you mentioned...a friend also said they are maternal! I have much work to do regarding mother wounds...I wonder if this is not part of the journey...