Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Possibility of Windows

Here's a simple Christmas decoration I came up with for our--I want to say 'dining room,' but we have an open floor plan--window that sits above our dining table. The strands are just connected to the curtain rod with those rings that easily open and close, from which hang small chain link, to which we added ornaments. This photo doesn't really do it justice, because the ornaments are glittery lime, fuchsia, and silver which look amazing in the sunlight. But it's difficult to take a decent photo facing into direct light. So hopefully you get the gist!

In other news, I think my blog building is just about complete, and I plan to start adding art and building a more substantial content as soon as possible.
I hope you  can follow me, add me to your blog list, and even recommend other blog or other social media connections.
Survivor tonight. Are you a fan? I'm a huge fan. I never miss a show!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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